The Medicine Men by Ebere Groenouwe

TITLE The Medicine Men
MATERIALS plasticised paper, cardboard, cotton, polyester mannequins, jumpsuits, gloves, rubber boots
DIMENSIONS H: 168 cm B: 96 cm D: 42 cm


Simon Ottenberg

...the masquerader makes conscious a form of communication that is otherwise not as conscious, largely as replacement for ordinary spoken language. Thus masking shifts communication from the digital and analogic more to the latter, stressing the iconic, and emphasizing conscious rather than unconscious non-verbal movements.

From the essay Illusion, communication and psychology in West African masquerades by anthropologist Simon Ottenberg


Kachina Masks, Native American

Kachina dolls, Native American

Shulawitsi Kohanna Zuni carved Kachinas 1950

Pueblo, Zuni, Native American, late19th century

Pueblo, Hopi Kachina doll, probably late 19th century

Pueblo, Hopi Kachina doll, late 19th century